The new Gemtech all titanium, laser welded Sandstorm sets the standard for thread-on 7.62 suppressors. At 13.3 ounces and with a length of 7.8 inches long the Sandstorm has the shortest length and lightest weigh with the greatest noise reduction than any suppressor on the market. The lighter weight and slimmer design translates into a lessened point of impact shift, less harmonic disturbance to the barrel and the titanium allows for a faster cooling of the system. The premium sonic reduction is achieved with an all new baffle design that gives better accuracy while still aggressively muting sound and flash signature. The Sandstorm is designed for a Remington 700 or similar bolt-action rifles but will work perfectly well on a variety of semi-auto rifles. It has an approximate 28 db sound reduction that really allows a long distance shooter the ability to perform a shot and not have his position compromised by a tell-tale report. It has a MSRP of $1150.