The FastMag™ Pistol [FMP] is built from the same hi-strength, GhillieTEX™ IR reducing, anti-fragmentation polymer as the original FastMag™. Our new FMP reduces reloading time for the operator and can be mounted in the up or down position. This system eliminates the need for traditional top closures, while providing a secure point of access. The enhanced urethane tension strap is adjustable to meet the users preference for removal tension. The FMP is also designed to ‘double-stack’ on all FastMag™ Gen III & FastMag™ Heavy.

The FastMag™ Pistol Duty Belt is designed with an adjustable/removable belt slide that fits most belts including rigger and duty belts. The FMP Duty belt is also uniquely designed for ‘double-stacking’ by removing the adjust belt slide.

Specs: -GhillieTEX™ IR Signature Reduction Technology

-Compatible with most double stack 9mm, double stack .40 cal, single & double stack .45 cal magazines

-Reduces reload cycle time

-High-Impact resistant polymer case with anti-fragmentation properties

-Mount to any MOLLE/P.A.L.S. 1″ web system, up or down [operators preference]

-Optional ‘double-stack’ capablities with both FastMag™ GEN.III and FastMag™ Heavy [operators preference]

-Magazine stays secure without pouch flap, hook, cover, or bungee

-Enhanced urethane tension strap can be moved up or down for additional tension

-Resistance to solar heating

-Duty belt version avalible

-Exclusively distributed by ITW Military Products

-Designed, developed and manufactured by Down East Inc.&nbsp