No other revolver in its class comes close to matching the versatility of the new Taurus® Tracker 992. It easily transforms from .22 LR to .22 Magnum in seconds with its breakthrough button release 9-shot cylinder. The Tracker 992 is everything you could ever want for plinking, target practice or varmint hunting with these popular and affordable ammunition choices.

The Tracker 992 comes equipped with the exclusive Taurus Ribber Grip® that reduces felt recoil and its strong, ordnance grade steel frame is built to last. Additional features include a single-action/double-action trigger, low profile adjustable sights and vent-rib that accommodates an optional scope mount base.

Available in blue or stainless steel finish with a 4 or 6.5 inch barrel, the Taurus Tracker 992 has an overall length of 8.9 to 11.4 inches and weighs 38 to 44 ounces. Like all Taurus handguns, the unique onboard Taurus Security System® allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous key-lock. MSRP $545 - $592.